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Long Beach Grand Prix

I was awoken this morning by the Long Beach Grand Prix cars. I never thought i would say this but it was AWESOME! So loud and their engines sound great. It almost some how integrated into my dream today. It was great! I still have yet to go, but one day i will. On another note, what shall i do today? I want to find that damn HTPC. I really liked the Dell Zino i posted but i just cant stomach 700$ for an under powered machine. So i think i might look into getting a laptop that is a bit more powerful instead. I guess the search continues.


Purchasing a Home Theater PC.

So today i will make the plunge into buying the Dell Zino HD ive been eyeing for some time now. I was thinking of building a HTPC but with all the options of today it almost seems pointless to do so. Besides the Dell Zino is so cheap, why not. Looking forward to updating my wordpress from the Zino HD. 🙂