Purchasing a Home Theater PC.

So today i will make the plunge into buying the Dell Zino HD ive been eyeing for some time now. I was thinking of building a HTPC but with all the options of today it almost seems pointless to do so. Besides the Dell Zino is so cheap, why not. Looking forward to updating my wordpress from the Zino HD. 🙂


The Polish Ambassador

So i have been listening to his stuff a lot lately. Ive always had his albums, but never got too much into it. But recently its been sounding so badass to me. You guys should check him out. Its Phantastic! 😉

The Polish Ambassador – Earth vs the World (HD Version on Vimeo)

New macbooks are out!

So looks like apple finally decided to refresh the MacBook pro line up. Core i5 and core i7 for both 15 and 17 models along with better graphics cards. Cheers!

iPhone 3G,4G,5G etc etc….

So when Apple released the iPhone 3G i knew that it would throw off a lot of people and the idea of naming conventions. Now being the resident nerd of all my friends, family and co-workers. I am being bombarded with the question of “When is the iPhone 4Gs coming out?” or “When is iPhone 3Gs2 coming out?” What do you guys think about this odd “issue” that Mr. Jobs has created. What people do not understand is that the iPhone 3G means the 3G data service, not the 3rd generation of iPhones (wasnt there only 2 gens anyway??) So with that being said, people are calling it the 4G because….4G is after…..3G, in a weird twisted way of thinking. Maybe its just me, but it can become quite irritating having to explain this to everyone that asks me. If iPhone does come on Verizon, the it technically CAN be called the iPhone 4G and remain relevant. Being that Verizon would have unleashed it under the LTE data service. Dilemma…dilemma. So just to be clear….

-4G/LTE : Fourth Generation Data service for cellular devices
-iPhone 4G = Non-existent, unconventional naming
-3G = Third Generation Data service for cellular devices (This has nothing to do with Apples branding,  just trying to distinguish the old and new)

Back on the wagon…

So im back, after almost a year of no updates i decided that i want to make this work. I will be purchasing a domain soon so keep on the lookout. This blog/tech/link babel will be updated almost daily. Thanks for looking and sticking around.

Ahh Monday morning.

What a nice Monday morning today. On my way to work i saw a fire hydrant torn right out of the pavement by a stupid driver who smashed into it.  So far so good…for a Monday. Also Haykuro’s HTC Hero Android build has caught some attention from the big online media outlets. Im hoping he releases it for us to play with. Its a beautiful interface thats for sure.

Wow, worst! cabin filter location EVER!

I was just trying to change the cabin air filter in my car today when i realized that i needed about 2 hours and some mechanix gloves. To anyone who owns a any of the new Mazda vehicles…good luck finding and replacing the s.o.b. You have to remove all these items JUST to get in there. Glove box, panel lining, passenger side foot side panels, fuse box, wiring harness and about 10 screws and brackets. Bad mazda….BAD!

Mazdaspeed boost gauge