Stomach virus and Palm hitting the toilet soon?

Hello everyone, sorry i haven’t had a chance to update the blog in a while.  Ive been out with some sort of food poisoning/stomach virus. I really dont want to go into detail….but i will go into some of the news over the past few days since Ive been gone. PALM IS FOR SALE! Well….sorta. Seems like they are starting to run out of ideas, employees and payroll. Not a good thing if you ask me. It would be a sad day to see WebOS go down the drain over something as stupid as Apple or Google stuffing them out of the market, but can you really blame them? I mean, look at their hardware. Nexus One, iPhone 3GS and among other things look at all the developers that have made amazing, quality apps for the iPhone OS and the Android Market. Palm just really needs a few more million bucks and some better incentive to get some of those smart and talented devs to make some apps for them. WebOS is beautiful, constantly updated and rock solid. Not sure what is keeping the devs from coding for WebOS, but this recent fall in Palms stock cannot be a good way of weening the devs over eh? Ah well, lets see what they cook up next….lets hope its not a buyout from a company that would put them on the ground (looking at you Lenovo!!!) Not that i don’t like them, after all i am typing this from a ThinkPad T400s 😀

PS – I love


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